Traditional Garden Games to Play With Your Family
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Traditional Garden Games to Play With Your Family

Traditional garden games to play with your family include Frisbee, Water slide, Horseshoes, and Connect Four. If you want to spice things up, you can try a few new variations as well. These games can be played with your children and are sure to keep them occupied for hours. To get started, place colored objects in each corner of the yard and select a caller. Once the caller says “go,” everyone must scramble to the corner of that color.

Connect Four

If you have a large garden, you might want to try a traditional garden game like ping pong. This classic game is played with six people and is a great way to spend some time in the garden. Unlike chess, which is a brain-throwing game, the goal of this game is to knock the knubbs down. Alternatively, you can use a smaller set of wooden knubbs to knock the king down.

The game of rounders has been around since Tudor times, but its first recorded mention was in 1744 in a book called A Little Pretty Pocket-Book. This book also contained the first printed description of a bat and ball base-running game. In 1828, William Clarke published a second edition of The Boy’s Own Book that included the rules and the first ever printed description of rounders. The game includes wooden stakes for bases that come in a canvas carry bag.


When you are looking for traditional garden games to play with your family, you have plenty of options. A frisbee can be a great way to spend quality time together outdoors with your family. These games are easy to set up and crowd pleasers. Classic outdoor games like capture the flag are fun for the whole family. Other fun outdoor games for kids include a hula hoop competition, a three-legged race, croquet and badminton.

Another traditional garden game that is suitable for any age group is Frisbee soccer. This is a variation of the ultimate frisbee, but instead of a ball, players use frisbees. You can play this game with two to twelve players and as many flying discs as you have. The objective is to throw the disc as close to the target as possible while avoiding interceptions.


If you’re looking for an old-fashioned backyard game that everyone can enjoy, horseshoes are a classic choice. Set up a permanent court in your garden, and a couple of stakes to hold the horseshoes in place. Players then toss the horseshoes into the pit, trying to hook them onto the spikes in the ground. The horseshoes are very simple to use, and you can play with your entire family!

For a traditional game of horseshoes, you can choose a horseshoe pit made of rock or brick. This type of pit isn’t very elaborate and will keep kids entertained for hours. You can also play with horseshoes without a pit – just place them on your lawn and watch the game unfold. For more information, check out, where you can buy both pro horseshoe sets and kid-friendly rubber horseshoe sets.

Water slide

One of the most enjoyable traditional garden games for your children is a water slide. There are several other water games to choose from, including a paddling pool, a kids’ sprinkler, and an improvised firefighting game. These games are fun for everyone and can be played for many hours. The water slide is especially fun for kids because it allows them to cool off after a long day playing hard!

Silly races

If you want to play a traditional garden game with your children, try setting up a mini Olympics. Include different events, such as a long jump or throwing contest. Make it a gold medal event, too, by using a sandpit. Pass the sand is another traditional family game. The aim of the game is to transfer the sand from one person to the other.

Another traditional garden game to play with your kids is the three-legged race. This game requires more teamwork than speed, so you can divide up your guests into pairs and tie them up with bandanas. Once everyone has their team sorted, you can stretch a piece of crepe paper across the finish line, where the winning team must break through. In a recent race, two men finished the race in one hour, 37 minutes and 53 seconds.

Tug of war

A great way to pass the time in the garden is with traditional games that everyone can enjoy. These classic games can be played with just about any amount of space and can also be played outdoors. One of the most popular games is ping pong, which is ideal for a group of up to six people. It develops hand-eye co-ordination and helps kids learn how to hit the ball accurately. It is a great game for young children as it’s simple to learn and can be adapted for all ages.

You can also play games in your garden with old-fashioned pieces. You can find a traditional version of Snakes and Ladders, which were popular among Vikings in the Middle Ages. These wooden knubbs can be adjusted in height from 15cm to 160cm and can be planted in the grass for a great outdoor game. For older children, there are many different options for outdoor games that will help you spend time together.